Various Projects: Sustainable Development work with the City of Lebanon, NH.

-Fall, 2012 Architecture 2/3 Mechanics Street Development Template
-Spring, 2012 Architecture 1 Badgley Park design
-Spring, 2012 Affordable Housing as Catalyst for Stripmall Redevelopment

An ongoing sequence of architectural design classes promoting sustainable growth and applying the principles of the Living Building Challenge to create affordable housing, higher density and mixed use buildings on greyfields in the Upper Valley. Collaboration with the City of Lebanon, NH Planning Department.

A Live/Learn Center for Dartmouth College Fall, 2012 Architecture 1 class with Dartmouth Campus Planner Joanne Whitcomb.

A Wellness Center for Dartmouth College Fall, 2012 Architecture 2/3 class with Dartmouth Campus Planner Joanne Whitcomb.

Dartmouth College and Habitat for Humanity Upper Valley- Accessing green Tax Credits for Renewable Energy 2012- present
A New Renewable Energy Investment Model for Nonprofits with up to 85% of the cost in the first 6 years. This new investment model is currently being tested at Dartmouth. This will allow Dartmouth and other nonprofits to make a huge investment in solar energy with little cost or risk by accessing tax credits and a whole new donor base.

Lebanon Rotary Memorial Fountain Design
Fall, 2012 Architecture 1 class to be constructed summer, 2013.

New Horizons Food Pantry Renovation, Manchester, NH, renovation plans, Fall 2012, Architecture 2/3.

Dartmouth College Berry Library Information Desk Design Architecture 1, Fall 2010, constructed 2012.

Dartmouth College Organic Farm Sustainable Learning Center Masterplan Project
Architecture 2/3 Spring, 2010.


-Our Big Green Future: Steps Toward Carbon Neutrality at Dartmouth, Environmental Studies 50, Spring 2009, Envs 80, Fall 2009, and Engs 44, 2010


-Zero Energy Use, Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity House Model, Sustainable Design

Engineering ENGS 44 class project, Winter, 2009, 2010


Community and Service Learning Class Projects at Dartmouth College:
Re-Envisioning West Lebanon, Anti-Sprawl Urban Planning Studio with Architect George Turner, 2004